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Healthcare Threats Report 2018

Healthcare Threat Report 2018

The cyberwar in healthcare continues. Get the latest research on the top threats in the industry and see what you’re up against.

AccessEnforcer HTTPS Web Filter Overview

AccessEnforcer HTTPS Web Filter Overview

Web filtering around HTTPS websites just got way more complicated. Download this guide to see how AccessEnforcer can help.

Top Threats 2017

Top Security Threats of 2017

New attacks are launched every day – with ransomware, DDoS, and phishing just starting the list. This report shows you the top five cyber threats to small businesses in 2017. You’ll see what to expect and how to protect the network.

Email Phishing report Cover

Email Phishing for IT Providers

Get the lowdown on one of the hottest hacker trends of the year by downloading this comprehensive report on the do’s and don’ts of handeling email phishing attacks.

Internet of Dangerous Things

Internet of Dangerous Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is exploding. Download this free report to uncover how IoT devices threaten your network security. You’ll see how hackers are exploiting this fast-growing technology and how to stay safe.


AccessEnforcer VPN Services Overview

VPN services are an essential part of the modern small business. This report shows you how our VPN services make it easy for you to stay connected to networks across the street or across the globe.

Top Threats Cover

Top Security Threats of 2016

Prepare yourself for whats ahead in the world of cyber security by checking out our report on the latest hacker trends.


Ransomware: How to prevent a crypto crisis at your IT business

See how to protect your business from threats like Cryptolocker and CryptoWall. You’ll also learn how these threats progress and how they are expected to evolve.

Healthcare Threats Report 2018

Healthcare Threat Report 2018

The cyberwar in healthcare continues. Get the latest research on the top threats in the industry and see what you’re up against.


HIPAA for IT Providers

Every IT provider should know HIPAA before serving clients in healthcare. But with so many rules, how can you know the right ones to follow?

HIPAA Regulations for IT Compliance

HIPAA Regulations for IT Compliance

The HIPAA regulations are hundreds of pages long. We did the hard work for you and found the parts that apply to IT.


How AccessEnforcer Fits HIPAA

Get a detailed view of the HIPAA requirements that AccessEnforcer helps check off your list.


How AccessEnforcer Fits PCI DSS Version 3.2

See how AccessEnforcer fits the latest payment card industry regulations, PCI DSS version 3.2. We list the exact requirements and how AccessEnforcer helps meet them.

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PCI DSS for IT Providers: 4 steps for client compliance

Updated for 2015, this report shows you the 12 major types of requirements for IT providers in PCI DSS. You’ll see recent changes to the rules and learn more about the deadline for EMV chip cards

NIS - Case Study

Expanding Network Needs Met with Simple, Secure AccessEnforcer 5.0

Find out why this IT provider relies on Calyptix to meeting the growing needs of its client.

Cameron & Roberts - Case Study (1)

Peace of Mind at an Excellent Price Point

A family-owned insurance firm in the Atlanta area needed a robust cybersecurity solution. Calyptix exceeded expectations.


10+ Years of Strong Firewalls and Partnership

Find out why this CEO says Calyptix is the best partner his company has found from across the industry.

5th Gear Technology Concepts - Partner Case Study - cover

5th Gear Technology Concepts wins 5 new clients

See how this MSP landed new clients after switching to a simple, affordable solution.

Technology Assurance Group - Partner Case Study - Cover

Technology Assurance Group grows profits and saves time

See how this MSP was able to negate expensive licensing and increase profits with a single, simple solution.

Jones Itech Case Study

HIPAA compliance gets easier for Jones Itech

This health IT provider found a better way to protect clients’ networks, save time, and keep clients out trouble with HIPAA.


MSP Cuts Cost with Powerful Network Security

Waypoint Solutions Group needed to standardize the security services it offered to clients. Choosing the right vendor was critical.


IT Provider Finds Superior Support and Reliability

After a firewall vendor pulled the rug from under this IT provider, the company began the search for a new vendor and found something more: a powerful solution from a reliable partner.