Calyptix Unveils Latest AccessEnforcer UTM Firewall


Charlotte, North Carolina - Calyptix Security Corp. unveiled the newest addition to its award winning AccessEnforcer line of UTM firewalls especially tailored for the small and midsize business market. The new AE1900, faster speeds and throughput; enhanced firmware and additional ports and more RAM to assist SMBs in combatting the latest security threats.

Calyptix line of AccessEnforcer UTM firewalls are an all-in-one solution for network security and management. AccessEnforcer® is the simple, straightforward way to secure and manage your small business network. Customers can choose from three hardware models, each designed to protect networks of a different size.

Like the previous versions, the newest AE1900 blocks security threats, data breaches and malware automatically. Calyptix also offers a full suite of network tools to keep your connections fast and reliable.

Calyptix has bolstered the new AE1900 firewall with a slew of enhancements designed to provide SMBs with enterprise-level features to defend their data against today’s security attacks.

Key Features of the AE1900:

  • 32GB of RAM for enhanced multitasking capabilities
  • A faster processor for improved overall speed
  • An NVMe drive for quicker data access
  • 6 Gigabit Ethernet ports for high-speed data transfer
  • 2 SFP+ ports capable of delivering speeds up to 10Gbps
  • Ships with the soon to be released firmware version AE7


The AE1900 firewall saves SMB customers time and money because it is easy to set up and manage. Every model has the same dashboard and features. Customers simply choose the size that best suits your network and business needs.

Calyptix chief executive officer Ben Yarbrough said the latest version of its industry award winning AccessEnforcer UTM firewall - the AE1900 - fulfills the company's mission to provide small businesses with powerful security and reliability in a device that is affordable and easy to deploy.

"The five million U.S. small businesses need an ally in the war on cybersecurity," Yarbrough said, "For too long, SMBs' requirements for a robust firewall that delivers high-speed bandwidth capabilities at a cost-effective price-point, have been ignored. Calyptix is excited to deliver this multi-gigabit speed solution to small businesses that depend on daily connectivity to secure their operations."

Calyptix MSP partners and customers agreed.

“I don’t care if you are an SMB, midsize or enterprise – everyone is vulnerable to a security attack or data breach,” said Eric Kiehn, president and CEO of C&W Computers, a managed service provider (MSP) in Stuart, Florida that focuses on the SMB market. “Calyptix provides us and our customers with robust and scalable UTM firewall protection across the entire platform using one simple user interface. The AccessEnforcer line of firewalls are easy to manage, and they are extremely reliable,” Kiehn added.

Jeff Willems, General Manager of Uprite Services, LLC an MSP based in San Antonio, Texas agreed. Willems praised the technical superiority of the Calyptix firewalls, its ease of use and the company’s outstanding service and support.

“Calyptix has everything an SMB needs,” Willems said, noting that his firm has many healthcare customers. “The Calyptix AccessEnforcers are because the company includes HIPAA [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act] compliance. Willems said that Uprite Services and its SMB customers appreciate the cost effectiveness of Calyptix’ products and services.

“Calyptix is extremely competitive in the SMB space; they don’t nickel and dime you for things that other vendors do – like the Secure VPN client. I wish all our vendors treated us as well as Calyptix,” Willems said.

The entire line of AccessEnforcer UTM firewalls – including the AE1900 - incorporates every feature, solution, and service with its standard licensing for a single price. AccessEnforcer provides all the tools you need to design, implement, and maintain a secure network. There are five (5) Licenses Included for Gatekeeper.


Unlimited Users

You do not have to pay more to add users to a network with AccessEnforcer. You can have one user, 10, or 100 – and you always pay the same price. Calyptix firewalls vary by the number of connections they can comfortably support at one time. Customers choose the right size device and add as many users as they need.

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Written by Joseph Schmidt

 - January 2, 2024

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