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Calyptix delivers an intuitive and powerful approach to network security, purpose-built for small businesses so you can stay focused on your customers and growing your footprint.

Modern Network Security
for Small Business

Small businesses are under constant threat from criminals trying to access their networks to steal data or install malware. Strong network security is essential to avoid costly downtime, ransomware, legal or regulatory action, and loss of business reputation and customer loyalty.

Lock down your network to reduce data loss, theft, and sabotage risks. Our AccessEnforcer gives you control of who can access your data and when. Keep hackers out and rest easy with simple, streamlined protection for your business, your clients, and your employees.

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Why Are Small Businesses at Risk?

First, let's consider some statistics.


of Small Businesses
Are unable to sustain their businesses over six months after a cyber attack.
Source: National Cyber Security Alliance


of Small Businesses
Reported at least one cyber attack during the previous year.
Source: Verizon 2021 Data Breach Report


of Small Businesses
Facing a severe cyber attack experienced at least eight hours of downtime.
Source: CISCO Cybersecurity Special Report


of Small Organizations
Take weeks, months, or even years to discover a data breach.
Source: Verizon 2021 Data Breach Report


of Small Business Owners
Have no funds set aside to deal with fall-out from a data breach.
Source: Insurance Bee Cybercrime Survey
Are your clients and business at risk?
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How We Protect SMBs Like You

The cyber environment is increasingly complicated, especially with more individuals working remotely. It is a lot to manage. Calyptix’s AccessEnforcer defends your small business with our tailored approach.


Shrink your attack surface


Segment your network


Inspect each layer for access control


Configure automatic updates


Review Internal & External Logs


Join the Community Shield™

Shrink Attack Surface

Small businesses can secure systems and networks with a single, network security solution that is convenient and scalable. Further reduce risk by easily setting up Geo Fence rules to block access from locations that present a greater threat. Stop adversary reconnaissance, attacks, probes, scans and more.

Segment Your Network

Boost small business network protection without adding layers of complexity. Take a data-centric security approach leveraging least privileges control and micro-segmentation. This lets the right people access only what they need to reduce the potential reach of any unauthorized access.

Inspect Each Layer for Access Control

Leave untrusted connections behind and significantly decrease exposure with seamless, two factor authenticated access control (2FA). Gatekeeper verifies and enforces access for every network session, for all types of devices. This lets each business avoid exposing remote networks, ports, or systems to the public Internet or unauthorized users.

Configure Automatic Updates

Cybersecurity threats are always evolving; AccessEnforcer updates every day, automatically. This offers hands-free blocking of the latest tactics for hacking, malware, and spam, so the business network stays secure. For those who want more control, it is easy to go into the user-friendly dashboard to customize updates.

Review Internal & External Logs

Small businesses can have full transparency into incoming and outgoing traffic across all devices that are in use. With interactive logs available in one easily configurable dashboard, it is easier to identify trends and detect threats. Thorough access control reporting also helps businesses meet compliance and audit requirements.

Join the Community Shield™

Calyptix customers can leverage the power of the Community Shield, delivering a collective network defense to automatically block any network traffic, inbound or outbound, with thousands of suspicious and malicious IP addresses.  If an attacker attempts network reconnaissance, attacks or exploits that are detected by any AccessEnforcer, Community Shield automatically adds that IP address as a proactive defensive measure at all sites.
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What Our Customers Have To Say

Calyptix customers are enthusiastic about our cost-effective and non-disruptive network security solution.
  • Ken S.
    Agape Computing
    “You guys are amazing! You continue to create compelling reasons to be excited about being a Calyptix Partner, and to use and deploy AccessEnforcers to protect our businesses and our client’s networks. Thank you!!!!”
  • Des D.
    Dougan Consulting Group
    “Your support is top class - very, very much appreciated”
  • Ilias S.
    NIS Network Engineer
    “Combining both firewall and filtering into one service, we are saving money and making our lives easier.”
  • Sean C.
    Cameron & Roberts Insurance Agency, Inc.
    “AccessEnforcer did everything I wanted it to do and needed it do from day one. The product has given me tremendous peace of mind.”
  • Chris J.
    Jones ITech
    “Every Calyptix device that I’ve taken out to a client site has performed exactly the way it should. It’s predictable. That, for me, is like gold.”

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