Geo Fence - Calyptix Security Geo Fence For SMB Geo Fence - Calyptix Security Geo Fence For SMB

Geo Fence

  • Purpose-built for small business networks
  • Shrink network exposure & attack vectors
  • Implement SSH or Microsoft RDP with rock solid security

"If it isn't safe, easy and affordable, it's not going to be the smart solution for small business."
Ben Yarbrough - CEO Calyptix Security

Shrink network exposure & attack vectors.

Geo Fence instantly eliminates attack vectors malicious cyber actors use to target your network by as much as 80%. Stop adversary reconnaissance, attacks, probes, scans, dos attacks and more.

Sophisticated Capabilities

• Allow or block traffic from selected countries
• Whitelist IP addresses from blocked countries
• Shrink network attack surface
• Prevent persistent reconnaissance and probes
• Stop brute force and DOS attacks
• Stop zero day and pre-authentication attacks

Combined with Ease of Use

• Highly intuitive, interactive heat map for optimizing configuration
• Detailed alerts for monitoring, troubleshooting, and tightening the configuration
• Geographic database preinstalled by default
• Interactive logs and auditor friendly

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