Keep Your Store and Your Customers Safe

Your customers count on you for protecting their data, and industry regulations require it.

Modern Network Security
for Modern Retailers

Retailers are under constant threat from criminals trying to access their systems for data or inventory access. Network security is essential not only to protect your business but also to comply with industry regulations such as PCI DSS for credit cards. AccessEnforcer from Calyptix protects your network against retail cyber security risks.

Concerns surrounding cybersecurity were the primary challenge faced by 34% of retail respondents in a 2020 Security Intelligence report. Stop hackers and control who can access your data and when with Calyptix’s PCI-DSS compliant solution to keep your customers and business safe.

Is your retail network truly secure?
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Retailers at Risk?


of all cyberattacks
threatened retailers in Trustwave’s 2020 Global Security Report


of consumers
say they are not confident about the security of their data with retailers.
Source: Signifyd
Is your retail network at risk?
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Spend Less Get More

Protecting your business network is vital. Easily set up secure connections to third-party service providers for safe and uninterrupted transmission of financial data. Monitor and manage incoming and outgoing traffic and get easy access to the logs you need for compliance purposes.

AccessEnforcer also secures your entire network to protect your inventory management and business data too. This easy-to-use all-in-one solution gives you and your employees a safe connection anytime with unlimited VPN connections. Secure remote access with multi-factor authentication to protect point of sale and Internet of Things devices in the warehouse or on the store floor, without relying on a third-party service.

Ready to protect your retail network?

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