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Modern Network Security
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Integrating digital technologies with physical processes has transformed the manufacturing industry. Yet many manufacturers have not invested in the cybersecurity needed to secure these new systems. Cybercriminals know it. Strong network security is essential to protect valuable data, avoid potential losses, and ensure employee and customer privacy. In some cases, supply chain cybersecurity compliance can mean the difference between landing the contract or not.

AccessEnforcer from Calyptix protects the network of manufacturers from cybersecurity risks. Stop hackers, block malicious sites, and control who can access your network with an all-in-one solution. Secure industrial control systems and IoT devices too.

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Manufacturers at Risk?


known operational technologies
system-related security issues, vulnerabilities, and exploits for more than 300 OEMs and system providers.
Source: CISA


of documented attacks
targeted manufacturing.
Source: NIST


manufacturing companies
do not perform annaul cyber risk assessments.
Source: Deloitte
Is your manufacturing network at risk?
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The Fourth Industrial Revolution is complicating cybersecurity for manufacturing as the productivity enhancements offered by programmable logic controllers, distributed control systems, and industrial IoT devices expands the threat surface. The reliance on vendors throughout supply chains can also open manufacturers up to hackers, spam, and malware.

AccessEnforcer is an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution securing remote connections and business-critical systems. Taking a holistic cybersecurity approach to protect IT and OT, and updated daily based on our Community Shield and curated threat feed, this solution provides hands-free blocking of the latest tactics for hacking, malware, and spam, so the manufacturing network stays secure.

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