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Network Security for Professional Services

The trust of your clients and the performance of your network are vital to the success of your business. These assets are under constant attack by hackers, spam, and malware, which threaten to harm your reputation and waste your time with network disruptions and delays.

AccessEnforcer from Calyptix makes it easy to protect your network and maintain its performance. Compliant with security regulations across many industries, AccessEnforcer is a powerful and affordable way to have the security you need so you can rest easy and stay focused.

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Troubleshoot Less, Bill More

Solving network problems can cost your firm resources and hours of time. AccessEnforcer makes it easy to pinpoint the cause of network trouble, so your IT provider can solve problems fast. Now you can minimize disruptions and increase billings.


Keep Staff Focused & Productive

Your staff has an endless number of ways to waste time online. AccessEnforcer can remove these distractions by blocking websites that you specify or by blocking sites by category, such as “social networking” and “video streaming.” You can also track and monitor web browsing to make sure everyone stays safe and on-task.


Daily Updates for Peace of Mind

Unlike some of our competitors, our solution updates every day automatically. The latest tactics for hacking, malware, and spam are blocked hands-free, so your staff stays focused and your network stays secure.