What's New in AccessEnforcer 6.5.1: Enhanced Web Filtering, Zeek-Powered Connection Monitor, and More!

Calyptix is thrilled to announce the latest release of AccessEnforcer: version 6.5.1! This update introduces a range of exciting features and improvements designed to enhance your network security and management experience. Building on the foundation of AccessEnforcer v6.0.3 and v6.5.0, this release promises even better control over web traffic, improved network monitoring capabilities, advanced compatibility options, and various reliability enhancements.

Let's take a closer look at the key highlights of AccessEnforcer 6.5.1.

BrightCloud® Powered URL Block List Categories

AccessEnforcer's web filter now offers an impressive selection of 78 URL block list categories powered by BrightCloud®. With approximately 750 million domains, including seven security categories like malware, phishing, and botnets, the web filter provides near-real-time updates and maintenance. This level of granularity allows for better web traffic management and improved protection against malicious sites, ensuring a safer browsing experience for users.

Additionally, user interface changes have been implemented to simplify the management of the new URL block list categories, making it even more user-friendly and intuitive.

Zeek®-Powered Connection Monitor

The internal Connection Monitor in AccessEnforcer has been revamped with the power of Zeek®. Zeek provides comprehensive logging of connections with protocol-specific logs, making it an invaluable tool for network troubleshooting, monitoring, incident response, forensics, and threat hunting. While the Zeek-powered Connection Monitor is currently not visible to users, it will be available on models AE900, AE1400, AE1500, and AE1800 with a single active LAN configuration. Future releases will include a user interface and further Connection Monitor enhancements.

Gatekeeper: Improved Azure Compatibility and Advanced Options

Gatekeeper now introduces the "Microsoft Azure AD-joined Computer compatibility" option for enabling Remote Desktop to Azure AD-joined computers. This addition streamlines remote access to Azure AD-joined devices, enhancing productivity and convenience for users.

Furthermore, a new "Advanced Options" section allows end-users to input custom RDP options (subject to approval by the Active Directory administrator). This feature provides greater flexibility for tailoring the remote desktop experience according to specific needs.

Powered by OpenBSD 7.1

AccessEnforcer v6.5.1 is built upon OpenBSD 7.1, bringing a wealth of fixes and improvements to various areas, including the kernel, symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) performance for multi-core processors, network stack, LibreSSL, OpenSSH, and more. Moreover, OpenBSD 7.1 facilitates the development of new AccessEnforcer features, and the team at Calyptix is working diligently on exciting updates to share with users in the future.

Updated Snort 2.9.20

AccessEnforcer v6.5.1 comes with the latest version of Snort, a leading IDS/IPS engine, ensuring improved threat detection and protection for your network.

Enhanced Multi-WAN Functionality

Multi-WAN functionality has been fine-tuned to handle peculiar ISP configurations more effectively. AccessEnforcer now sends periodic ARP queries to ISP gateways on all WAN interfaces, benefiting multi-WAN setups. Additionally, SNMP Agent now works seamlessly on Multi-WAN systems.

Network Alerts and Improved AccessEnforcer Restore

The Network Alerts page now includes alerts related to CalyptixVPN clients, providing a more comprehensive view of network activities. The restore feature has also been enhanced to improve system recovery after a failed restore, ensuring a smoother restoration process.

Usability Improvements and OpenSSH 9.3

AccessEnforcer v6.5.1 introduces a range of usability enhancements, including better reporting of WAN interface status changes, improved OS upgrade page with support for MFA, error handling for deleting QoS queues, and fixed bugs in various features. Additionally, AccessEnforcer v6.5.1 incorporates OpenSSH 9.3, the latest version of OpenSSH, contributing to enhanced PCI scan compliance.

Reliability Improvements

This release addresses various reliability issues, enhancing DHCP WAN functionality, ensuring seamless recovery from ISP outages, and fixing bugs related to static routes and upgrades. Additionally, AccessEnforcer is now more resilient to boot issues and internal database failures, ensuring your network stays operational even during critical situations.


AccessEnforcer 6.5.1 delivers an array of powerful features and improvements that bolster network security, enhance management capabilities, and improve overall system reliability. With BrightCloud® powered URL block list categories, Zeek-powered Connection Monitor, Azure compatibility options, and more, this release reflects Calyptix's commitment to providing a robust and user-friendly network security solution. Upgrade to AccessEnforcer 6.5.1 today and experience the latest advancements in network protection and management!

Written by Calyptix

 - July 20, 2023

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