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AccessEnforcer® version 5.0

With Gatekeeper and Geo Fence

  • Purpose-built for small business networks
  • Shrink network exposure & attack vectors
  • Implement SSH or Microsoft RDP with rock solid security

"If it’s not secure, easy, & affordable, it won’t work for small business."
Ben Yarbrough - CEO Calyptix Security

Why Geo Fence

Our internal research confirms as much as 80% of undesired inbound traffic emanates from hostile foreign infrastructure. Geo Fence was tailored for small organizations to shield their networks and shrink attack vectors in just a few clicks.

Geo Fence instantly eliminates attack vectors malicious cyber actors use to target your network by as much as 80%. Stop adversary reconnaissance, attacks, probes, scans, and more. Geo Fence shields networks in only a few clicks from inbound malicious foreign actors engaged in hostile reconnaissance and attacks on network and information systems. Geo Fence can be customized to fit any organization, and provides a highly intuitive, interactive heat map for optimizing configuration. Geo Fence generates detailed alerts for monitoring, troubleshooting, and tightening the configuration.

  • Shield ports & systems from hostile infrastructure
  • Interactive heat map & logs
  • Simple to activate & tune

Why Gatekeeper

Our partners specifically requested a secure, easy, affordable, and reliable solution to secure RDP and SSH for remote access rather than be compelled to use clunky or expensive alternatives. Microsoft’s RDP is a widely adopted tool used by organizations for an extremely long time; easy, reliable, and affordable. However, RDP suffers from poor configuration practices, a surge in critical vulnerabilities, and increasing attacks. The FBI, NSA and DHS have all issued public advisories warning about the threats and risks to organizations that use RDP without adequate safeguards.

Gatekeeper shields systems from the public Internet, unauthorized users, stolen AD credentials, probes, scans, botnets, brute force, targeted attacks and more. Gatekeeper delivers a patent pending work from home solution for remote access by SSH or Microsoft RDP with 2 factor authenticated access control (2FA) for every network session before remote users can access systems so organizations don’t expose them to the public Internet or unauthorized users. Gatekeeper addresses compliance requirements and facilitates adoption of best practices, including many outlined by NIST 800-53 and NIST 800-171.

  • Shield RDP or SSH from the public Internet
  • Secure access with 2FA
  • No clunky VPN client to set up, install & maintain
  • No VPN performance hit
  • Use with all types of devices (Windows, iOS, Android & more)
  • Auditor friendly
  • Reduce your stress from vulnerability announcements

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