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Partners of the Year for Calyptix’s Cybersecurity Solution 

by Calyptix, February 25, 2021

There may be an “I” in Calyptix, but like any good company we know the value of teamwork. Our AccessEnforcer® cybersecurity solution secures small business networks so customers can raise profits, protect investments, and control technology. Yet our flagship product’s success relies on our partnerships too. That’s why we annually … Continue reading

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Secure Your Small Business with Identity Access

by Calyptix, February 9, 2021

Cybercriminals are a non-discriminating bunch. They don’t care where your business is, your industry focus, or whether it is a large enterprise or small, family-run business. Identity access is an important part of robust defense of personal data, funds, intellectual property and more. This article will explore the problem from … Continue reading

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No Active Directory Necessary for AE 5.0.2 & Other Features, Changes

by Calyptix, January 29, 2021

As we bid farewell to a 2020, we welcome 2021 with a brand new AccessEnforcer release! This release introduces a slew of new Gatekeeper features and many exciting changes. We’ve listened to your feedback and no longer require active directory, can protect Internet of Things devices, and so much more. … Continue reading

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Networking, IoT Vendor Announces Breach at Third Party Cloud Provider

by Calyptix, January 15, 2021

The year 2020 saw many more businesses embracing remote networking solutions to power their work from home. Cybercriminals, recognizing the opportunity, sought out unauthorized access. In January, Ubiquiti emailed its customers informing them of a data breach at its third party cloud provider host. Regrettably, third party cloud provider breaches … Continue reading

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What is Zero Trust Security & is it within SMB reach?

by Calyptix, January 5, 2021

Digital business transformation is changing not only how we work, but also from where. It’s a boon for business. But it can escalate risk too. As you look to secure remote access, you’re probably asking what is Zero Trust Security? Small businesses may also incorrectly assume Zero Trust Networking is … Continue reading

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6 Lessons Learned from Local Clinic’s $1.5 million HIPAA Security Rule Fine

by Calyptix, December 15, 2020

If a business has $1.5 million available, it’s a safe bet it would rather not spend that money paying to settle violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy and Security Rules. So, taking a look at a September settlement by an orthopedic clinic, let us share … Continue reading

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NSA Advisory Suggests Cyber Hygiene Still Needs Attention

by Calyptix, November 17, 2020

Bad actors are always looking for access to networks of interest and business systems. Vulnerabilities and software flaws are an ongoing concern. We need to be vigilant. Yet the fact that the NSA in October warned against state-sponsored hackers exploiting “publicly known vulnerabilities” suggests cyber hygiene still isn’t getting enough … Continue reading

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Defense Contractors to Prove Cybersecurity Maturity

by Calyptix, November 3, 2020

The Department of Defense is not about to compromise on cybersecurity. In January 2020 it released its Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) to “enhance the protection of controlled unclassified information.” This article examines the expectations of the CMMC and what it means to defense contractors. The CMMC standardizes cybersecurity expectations … Continue reading

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