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Supply Chain Constraints Impact Cybersecurity, Too

by Calyptix, October 20, 2021

Perhaps you have all the toilet paper you could need right now, but the memory of that shortage could be fresh in your mind. Things are turning around in some areas, yet supply chain constraints continue across several industries, including cybersecurity. This article explores how managed service providers (MSPs) and … Continue reading

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Community Shield™ – The Release of a New Line of Defense

by Calyptix, September 14, 2021

We are proud to announce the latest release of the AccessEnforcer® software - Version 5.0.3. This update includes Community Shield™, a community driven, proactive feature to further defend users from US-based hostile network traffic and attacks. In addition, network administrators can now identify and block destructive outbound connections, stopping the extraction of sensitive company information by malicious cyber actors.

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What’s New in AccessEnforcer Version 5.0.3!

by Calyptix, August 24, 2021

At Calyptix, our goal is to keep you focused on running your business and leave network security to us. That is why it likely went unnoticed that we rolled out the latest and greatest version of AccessEnforcer last month.  This version release was a monumental moment for the Calyptix team, … Continue reading

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Securing the Business Network, No Matter Where Your Employees are Working

by Calyptix, August 10, 2021

Remote work is not novel. What has changed, however, is the degree of flexibility and iterations. Companies are increasingly letting employees work remotely, on site, or both, in the new hybrid model. The challenges of 2020 validated remote workers can be productive. Still, securing the business network remains a priority, … Continue reading

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Cyber Vulnerabilities Like Cavities for Dental Practices

by Calyptix, August 3, 2021

Dental practices are typically busy, small businesses, with limited time to focus on cybersecurity. Yet along with all those fluorides that do not taste as advertised, they manage and store personal and sensitive information. This is exactly the type of Information cybercriminals desire. For today’s dental practices, cybersecurity can be … Continue reading

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Calyptix Security Corporation Announces New Team Members as Company Offering Expands Amidst Heightened Risks to Cybersecurity

by Calyptix, July 27, 2021

CHARLOTTE – July 27, 2021 – Calyptix Security Corporation, the all-in-one network security provider for small and medium-sized businesses, today announced new team members as the company continues to grow to meet the needs of businesses increasingly targeted by routine and sophisticated cybersecurity threats. New team members will contribute to … Continue reading

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Secure Remote Network Access for Small Business

by Calyptix, June 28, 2021

    The National Security Council is urging small businesses to take “critical steps” to protect their organizations’ cybersecurity. Ransomware is on the rise. Remote networking in the work from home climate is also opening the door to serious compromises. Calyptix Security’s latest Genius Brief webinar addressed drawbacks to remote network … Continue reading

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The MSP’s Responsibility for Professional Standard of Care

by Calyptix, June 2, 2021

Cybersecurity is not a simple check box to cross off. It involves risk management, defining threats, prevention, reaction and more. For the managed service provider (MSP), the breadth of the matter specific to each customer can be challenging. In developing a professional standard of care, there is a great deal … Continue reading

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