Save time with
better security

Calyptix AccessEnforcer has all-in-one network security in a simple, automated platform. Now you can forget about security and focus on business.


Comply with

Do you have to follow HIPAA for healthcare or PCI DSS for credit cards? Our network security helps you meet and exceed these standards.


you can trust

“Calyptix has gone out of their way to make me look good to my clients. I’d recommend them to anyone.” Jack Herbig, Coastal Computer Consulting, LLC


Network Security for Small Business

You do not have time to deal with malware, spam, or network outages. You do not want to worry about employees wasting time on Facebook. And you certainly do not have time to set up and manage a firewall.

You are a small business owner. You need simple and powerful security that makes it easy to control technology and raise profits. Calyptix gives you this and more in its UTM firewall, AccessEnforcer.

AccessEnforcer is designed solely for SMB networks. It gives you solid security in a straight-forward platform so you can stay protected and focus on business. Multiple layers of protection keep you safe while a simple platform saves you time and resources.

What makes AccessEnforcer different?