What’s New in AccessEnforcer Version 5.0.3!


At Calyptix, our goal is to keep you focused on running your business and leave network security to us. That is why it likely went unnoticed that we rolled out the latest and greatest version of AccessEnforcer last month. 

This version release was a monumental moment for the Calyptix team, and we’ll be sharing more about these latest features - most notably the Community Shield (™) - in subsequent emails in the coming weeks.

For now, we want to cover the core new updates that you have access to, and share a bit about the benefits they are already providing to you and your customers. 

Key New Features in AccessEnforcer v5.0.3

  • Shields Up! Introducing the Community Shield (™) - The Community Shield delivers automated, correlated shared defense, prevention and detection. At no additional cost, it provides a collective network defense to automatically block any network traffic, inbound or outbound, with suspicious and malicious IP addresses. If an attacker attempts network reconnaissance, attacks or exploits that are detected by any AccessEnforcer, Community Shield automatically adds that IP address as a proactive defensive measure at all sites. Starting from this release, you may see new alerts in the Home > Network Alerts page indicating Community Shield alerts. We’ll be sharing more about the Community Shield in just a few weeks as we continue to invest into this protective offering for our community.


  • New External Threat Feeds - There is no silver bullet cybersecurity solution, yet collectively, we know there are many tools and threat information we can leverage to make network security stronger for our community. That is why we are now highlighting external threat feeds, curated from reputable external sources, into your AccessEnforcer. You can now see these alerts on your Network Alerts page. 


  • Noise Reducing New Network Alert Filters - As mentioned earlier, the Home > Network Alerts page now shows Community Shield and External Threat Feed alerts, but that's not all! We have supercharged the filtering options so that you can now customize your alerts to keep you focused on what matters most to you. 


  • LDAP Support for Gatekeeper - We heard you loud and clear, and we agree! Identify protection is a great tool for further strengthening network security. Now, Gatekeeper can integrate with leading identity providers that support LDAP, including JumpCloud. Setting it up is as simple as entering the LDAP values provided by your identity provider.  


  • Protect your Systems with UPS Actions - Powers out from a storm? With this release, AccessEnforcer can gracefully power down in the event of a power outage with a simple USB cable that connects your UPS to your AccessEnforcer. When the UPS is low on power, AccessEnforcer will take the necessary steps to safely shut down and avoid the risk of data corruption. 


And, as always, the AccessEnforcer 5.0.3 release has made a variety of improvements and bug fixes. Check out the release notes on the Calyptix Member Portal for more details.

Written by Calyptix

 - August 24, 2021

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