Mobile VPN Now Supported in AccessEnforcer from Calyptix

Charlotte, NC –  Calyptix Security Corp., a leading provider of network security and management tools, today announced that its flagship security solution, AccessEnforcer, now supports mobile VPN connections.

The latest update enables Apple and Android mobile devices to have a secure and encrypted VPN connection to an office network protected by AccessEnforcer. Support was also added for Apple machines running OS X.

This announcement includes added VPN for the following operating systems:

  • Apple iOS – Connect with any current-generation Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
  • Android – Connect with any device running Android v2.1 (released in 2010) or later.
  • Apple OS X – Connect with any Mac running OS X.

“Support for mobile VPN gives our clients more flexibility and security. Now users can have secure remote access to email and other network resources even when they are away from the office,” said Ben Yarbrough, President, Calyptix Security.

Mobile VPN support comes free with standard service for AccessEnforcer, as do all other security features of the device, including web filtering, spam filtering, and quality of service (QoS) controls.

Support for mobile VPN also helps SMBs navigate the difficult “bring your own device” or BYOD trend that has brought network security and management challenges to companies large and small. In 2013, 82% of companies allowed some or all workers to use employee-owned devices, according a ReadWrite survey.

“Small and medium businesses are part of the BYOD revolution and many of their employees use personal smartphones and tablets in the office. Our new support for mobile VPN gives our SMB clients a secure way to allow these employees to connect their devices to the network,” said Yarbrough.

The latest update to AccessEnforcer includes several other improvements, including upgraded VPN security to 2048-bit RSA encryption and improvements to overall speed and performance.

AccessEnforcer VPN Services Overview

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Calyptix Security is dedicated to helping small and medium-size businesses secure their networks so they can raise profits, protect investments, and control technology. The company’s all-in-one device for network security and management, AccessEnforcer, makes it easy to protect SMB networks so companies can forget about network security and focus on winning. Developed, built, and serviced in the U.S., AccessEnforcer is a flexible UTM solution that allows MSPs and VARs to provide security that fits their needs and business models. To learn more go to

Written by Calyptix

 - August 18, 2014

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Calyptix Security helps small and medium offices secure their networks so they can raise profits, protect investments, and control technology. Our customers do not waste time with security products designed for large enterprises. Instead, we make it easy for SMBs to protect and manage networks of up to 350 users.
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