Healthcare Threats Report 2018: New Report from Calyptix

See the latest research on the top threats to medical IT systems and data


Charlotte, NC – Calyptix Security today published the first-ever edition of the Healthcare Threat Report, an in-depth review of the top cyber security threats to IT systems and data in the healthcare industry.

The healthcare industry is under a growing list of cyber security threats. Layered onto the industry’s sensitive role in personal privacy and critical role in human welfare, and the threats create a challenge unique to the industry.

  • Cyber Attacks – Hackers and data thieves are drawn to the industry by the high value of medical data on the black market and the lax security practices found in organizations of all sizes.
  • Ransomware – Four of the five largest HIPAA breaches last year were blamed on ransomware. Reports of the attacks doubled last year in healthcare, and it’s the most common type of malware infection in healthcare by a wide margin.
  • Insider Threats – Healthcare employees are entrusted with the safety and privacy of their patients. Unfortunately, some have abused that trust. Cases continue to surface of staff members snooping on patient data or even attempting to profit from its sale.
  • Security Gaps – Medical devices continue to add network connectivity. This has opened new frontiers in medicine and, unfortunately, has also opened security gaps in networks. Medical devices are often designed without regard to cyber security, and some are too expensive or difficult to update or replace when a flaw is discovered.
  • Regulation – The U.S. federal government continues to enforce HIPAA regulations and levy penalties on those found out of compliance. State governments are also strengthening their cyber security and privacy laws. All 50 states now have laws for data breach notification.

Healthcare Threat Report 2018 features the latest research and trends on each of these security problems and more.

“Cyber security concerns continue to grow in healthcare and organizations are fighting the battle on many fronts. The data and research in this report provides a solid foundation to understand the ongoing threats and where they are headed,” said Ben Yarbrough, CEO, Calyptix Security.

Download the report for free from the Calyptix website.


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Written by Calyptix

 - June 20, 2018

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