Network Security for Small Business


AccessEnforcer is the simple way to protect and manage SMB networks.


Secure your network

AccessEnforcer is an all-in-one solution for network security and management. Threats like hackers, spam, and malware are blocked automatically. Network tools keep your connections fast and reliable.


Make security

Our network firewall saves you time and money because it is easy to set up and manage. Every model has the same dashboard and features, so you simply pick the best size for your network.


Improve uptime
& reliability

Network management tools in AccessEnforcer help give your VoIP calls great quality and keep resource-hungry activities (like video streaming) from slowing down connections. You can even block social networks, shopping sites, and other time wasters to keep your staff focused.


Why AccessEnforcer? It’s simple…


Every feature included

AccessEnforcer has one level of licensing: all inclusive. You get every feature for one price. You do not have to pay more for web filtering or intrusion prevention. You do not have to manage multiple licenses. Everything is included – it’s simple.


Unlimited users

You do not have to pay more to add users to a network with AccessEnforcer. You can have one user, 10, or 100 – and you always pay the same price. Our models vary by the number of connections they can comfortably support at one time. Just pick the right size device and have as many users as you wish – it’s simple.


Automatic updates

Unlike some of our competitors, our solution updates every day automatically. The latest tactics for hacking, malware, and spam are blocked hands-free, so your network stays secure — it’s simple.


Unbeatable support

Our customers and partners routinely tell us Calyptix tech support is the best in the industry. Why? Because we have US-based engineers who answer the phone and solve your problem – it’s simple.

“Call tech support at another firewall vendor and it’s a three-hour process. I like Calyptix because I can get someone on the phone in five minutes.” – Kyle Strom, On Demand Network Solutions

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