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Malware Defense
Secure Remote Access
Audit & Log Management
Incident Response Management
Network Monitoring & Detection
Web Traffic Monitoring & Protection
Secure Network Design & Implementation
Maintenance & Vulnerability Management
Cyber Threat Intelligence & Information Sharing

Our Philosophy

Security should be strong, easy, and affordable. Since inception, we have done things differently striving to eliminate complexity and put powerful security in the hands of small organizations.
Secure Network Design & Implementation
UTM Firewall
AccessEnforcer is our all-in-one managed firewall to deliver a robust suite of features, tools, and services for you to design, configure, and maintain powerful network security for your small organization.
GUI-Based Management
Graphic interface designed to configure and troubleshoot your network, eliminate configuration mistakes, and deliver strong security. Configure, monitor, and diagnose your network in minutes with only clicks.
Device Inventory & Control
Implement DHCP reservations in a click to maintain detailed asset inventory lists on any subnet, including unlimited VLANS.
Network Micro-Segmentation
Easily isolate and secure sensitive or controlled parts of your network in a single click with LAN Lockdown for physical or logical (VLAN) subnets.
Port Forwarding
Create port forwarding and access control rules with a single click and drag-and-drop flexibility.
Egress Filtering
Implement outbound traffic controls to prevent unauthorized traffic from exiting the secure network, prevent network discovery, lateral movement, and data extraction.
Quality of Service
Ensure performance of VoIP phones and other critical systems by implementing traffic rules to prioritize, allocate and share available bandwidth.
Geo Fence
Shrink your network attack surface by blocking inbound traffic based on country of origin to prevent adversary reconnaissance, unauthorized access, attacks, scans and more.
Multi-Factor Authentification
Multi-Factor Authentication for both admin and support accounts as well as MFA for CalyptixVPN client logins with DUO integration. Authy, Bitwarden, Google Authenticator, and other TOTP-based algorithms are supported.
Diagnostic Tools
The packet analyzer tool is very useful in troubleshooting problems on the network. This and many other tools are built right in AccessEnforcer!
Cyber Threat Intelligence & Information Sharing
Community Shield®
Automated sharing of correlated IOC's to stop malicious traffic in or out of your network. If any one of us is attacked, everyone gets protected!
Threat Feeds
Organic and external threat feeds blocking traffic to more than 18 million malicious IP addresses carefully curated to ensure minimal false positives.
CTI Insights
Third party cyber threat intelligence (CTI) insights provided with malicious traffic notifications to facilitate rapid and effective remediation efforts.
Maintenance & Vulnerability Management
Secure Foundation
The operating system for AccessEnforcer is OpenBSD, a UNIX-like OS which emphasizes “portability, standardization, correctness, proactive security and integrated cryptography.” The OpenBSD project embraces full disclosure, proactive security auditing, and new security technologies. With only two vulnerabilities in the default install in over 20 years, many consider OpenBSD to be the most secure OS in the market.
Automatic Updates
AccessEnforcer receives automatic updates so its always patched and armed with the latest security.
Vulnerability Scans & Compliance
Network vulnerability scans are never a problem because your AccessEnforcer stays up to date for compliance and regulatory requirements like PCI and HIPAA.
Audit & Log Management
Event Logs
AccessEnforcer generates and retains extensive logs, easily filtered and exported by csv, for system and network logins, web traffic, WAN activity, system activity, IP conflicts, and more.
Current Reports
Reporting system generates and distributes by email overview and detailed reports (pdf, csv & xlsx) on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, including network alerts, IDS/IPS rules, top IP addresses, allowed and blocked web traffic and more.
Logging & Report Archives
Reports are automatically archived on the AccessEnforcer for future reference as needed to meet compliance and other regulatory requirements.
Event Vault
Your subscription includes a 365-day offsite secure, resilient logging and archive of all system, network, traffic & security logs enriched with Geo-IP, ASN and more to ensure your network management satisfies compliance, contracts and best practices.
Connection Monitor
Every five-minutes AccessEnforcer automatically records and stores your network’s live connection and ARP tables to create a 30-day sampling of devices and traffic on your network. Connection Monitor logs are stored securely locally on the system and provide essential insights for audit, forensic and other critical investigations.
Secure Remote Access
The perfect work from home & remote access solution for Microsoft RDP, SSH & HTTPS with MFA, no software client install, and patent pending zero trust network access.
Calyptix VPN
Remote network access with unlimited Calyptix VPN clients and policies for mobile users to connect with Android, iOS, OS X, and Windows devices.
Establish unlimited secure site-to-site VPN tunnels for remote offices, branch locations and executive home offices.
Web Filtering
URL Filtering & Controls
Set and enforce web browsing policies for HTTP and encrypted HTTPS traffic for all users and devices on the network using allow or deny rules to filter content by category, keywords, extensions, and file types.
Customize Policies
Implement integration with Microsoft Active Director to web filter by AD usernames and set customized policies for devices, users, and groups by time of day.
Web Traffic Dashboard
Quickly view and analyze web browsing activity with interactive dashboard and filters to identify top users, bandwidth consumption, top sites and blocked activity.
Malware Defense
Intrusion Prevention
Network IPS system implements thousands of automatically updated rules to inspect every packet and identify and immediately stop suspicious and malicious activity before packets reach their intended targets.
Dynamic Blacklist
Implement automated security response to block and deny all subsequent network traffic with malicious or suspicious IP address after IDS/IPS alert.
Automated Rules
IDS/IPS includes thousands of rules updated daily to detect and prevent network threats and undesirable traffic, malware, ransomware, backdoors, exploits, botnet activity, adware, peer to peer, and much more.
Malicious Websites
Implement web filtering controls to block access to know websites that host malware, hacking tools and other risky content with categories for malware, hacking and phishing.
Network Monitoring, Detection & Incident Response
Detect & Block Compromised Systems
Community Shield identifies and prevents outbound traffic to hostile infrastructure operating as CNC servers, TOR nodes, proxies, VPNs and other tools used to attack, compromise, and exploit small organizations like yours.
Notification Reports
Receive automatic notification of outbound malicious traffic blocked by Community Shield enriched with threat intelligence for effective incident response.
Eliminate Alert Fatigue
Community Shield eliminates noise and alerts from malicious, suspicious, and unwanted inbound traffic so you can focus on events that matter.
Professional Services
Access cyber security and incident response assistance from trained professionals to help you analyze and investigate suspicious events on your network

About Us

Calyptix Security helps small and medium offices secure their networks so they can raise profits, protect investments, and control technology. Our customers do not waste time with security products designed for large enterprises. Instead, we make it easy for SMBs to protect and manage networks of up to 350 users.
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