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Small Business Security Under Attack: 3 minute video

small business security video screenshot

Small businesses are hit hard by hackers. Here is proof: a 3-minute news clip with a small business owner who may be forced to close if hackers strike again. Also included are comments from Calyptix CEO Ben Yarbrough.

This can be a great clip to share with your clients. It shows the costs of cybercrime on a small business (more than $10,000 in just a few months) and it proves that the threat to small business is real.

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Wireless Router Security is Dangerous: 6 Reasons

Router Security

Are basic wireless routers a cheap solution or a massive liability? Find out the six reasons why you never want to depend on a wireless router to protect your network.

Inside, you’ll see how some of the most popular routers being sold today can have massive security flaws, and how wireless router security flaws are caused.

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