Small Business Security Under Attack: 3 minute video Small Business Security Under Attack: 3 minute video

Small Business Security Under Attack: 3 minute video

by Calyptix, February 10, 2015

The massive data breaches at companies like Sony and Home Depot grab headlines, but small businesses are being hit hard by cybercrime. Why, because their network security is often nonexistent.

This clip from WSOC TV Channel 9 News features a small business owner who was targeted by hackers and lost thousands. Also included are comments from Calyptix CEO Ben Yarbrough.

Highlights from the video

  • Foodie Call, a small business in Charlotte, NC, received notice last year that its online ordering software vendor had been breached. The owner had to spend countless hours notifying customers.
  • Hackers later used stolen credit cards to place orders with Foodie Call. The card companies stuck the owner with the bill, roughly $10,000 in fraudulent transactions for the last few months alone.
  • If hackers strike again, the company could go out of business.
  • Comments from Yarbrough: Small businesses are targeted by hackers because they are easy prey. Business owners should educate themselves on security. They should assume they are vulnerable and take a multi-level approach to address the threat.
  • Comments from the NC Attorney General Roy Cooper: The state is working to investigate large breaches. Small business security should include firewalls and encryption.

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