Simple and Powerful Security for PCI DSS

Swiping Credit CardEvery business that accepts credit cards and debit cards must comply with PCI DSS. In many cases, even their IT service providers have to conform their services to comply.
Merchants must protect cardholder data under PCI DSS. Failing to do this can be costly:

✓ Fines up to $100,000 per month
✓ Higher transaction fees
✓ Cost of breach containment
✓ Cost of breach investigation
✓ Security auditsSuffering a breach can bring more costs, including legal fees, brand damage, and revenue loss. Larger firms tend to lose an executive or director after a breach, and many smaller firms are forced to close.

AccessEnforcer is the all-in-one device for network security that helps you comply with PCI DSS. Our solution locks down your network and protects cardholder data, so you can forget about security and focus on customers.

PCI DSS Compliance with AccessEnforcer:

✓ Create and manage DMZs
✓ Firewall at each internet connection and DMZ
✓ Monitor traffic outside and inside the CDE*
✓ Block unauthorized traffic to and from the CDE
✓ Encrypt cardholder data during transmission
✓ Detect and block malicious connections
✓ Stateful packet inspection (aka dynamic packet filtering)
✓ Intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS)AccessEnforcer does a lot more to help you achieve PCI DSS compliance: get our full report.

Our solution protects small and medium-size businesses so they can forget about network security and focus on winning. However, it does not achieve compliance on its own.

Contact us today to see how our services can protect you for PCI DSS compliance and beyond.

*Cardholder data environment

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Calyptix Security helps small and medium offices secure their networks so they can raise profits, protect investments, and control technology. Our customers do not waste time with security products designed for large enterprises. Instead, we make it easy for SMBs to protect and manage networks of up to 350 users.
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