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Dangers & Dollars

Grow your IT business with the top security threats of 2016

Small businesses can feel the heat in 2016. Their computers, networks, and businesses are at risk and they know it. They need someone to explain the growing threats like ransomware and phishing. They need someone to keep them safe – and that someone is you.

Once business owners see that you can give them greater returns on their investments in technology, they will beat down your door to give you business. You just need to show them the risks, the rewards, and a solution that will protect them.

Watch this video to see the biggest security threats for small businesses in 2016. You’ll see how to harness the power of these threats to drive growth in your IT business and how to protect clients.

Recorded: April 6, 2016


  • Ben Yarbrough, CEO, Calyptix Security
  • Jerry Koutavas, President, The ASCII Group

Presentation Slides (pdf)