Web Filter for AccessEnforcer

To keep your staff safe and productive, you need a web filter.

Content & Web Filtering Come Standard

Content filtering and web filtering are included in standard service with AccessEnforcer. In fact, standard service gives you every security feature we offer.

Keep Your Staff Safe and Productive

The internet offers an endless number of time-wasters and hazards. To keep your staff safe and productive, you need a web filter.

A web filter blocks harmful websites and any other sites you choose. AccessEnforcer from Calyptix makes it easy.

Increase Staff Productivity

Remove distractions in your office by blocking sites like Facebook and Google. You can even block sites by category, such as “social network” and “video streaming.” Track and monitor everyone’s web browsing to ensure they stay on task.

Be Safe & Compliant

Easily block websites with offensive or malicious content. Detect and block sites by topic, keyword, extension, file-type, and URL. You can stay compliant with industry regulations and keep your users safe.
Connect to Others

Block HTTPS Sites Automatically

Facebook, Google, and Yahoo! are just a few sites that now use the HTTPS standard. Not every web filter can block these sites. AccessEnforcer can do it with ease. Simply click a checkbox and your web filtering rules will automatically apply to HTTPS

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Calyptix Security helps small and medium offices secure their networks so they can raise profits, protect investments, and control technology. Our customers do not waste time with security products designed for large enterprises. Instead, we make it easy for SMBs to protect and manage networks of up to 350 users.
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