AccessEnforcer UTM Firewall Throughput

AccessEnforcer is a UTM Firewall and not a simple network router.
Want to learn the difference?

Calyptix throughput
tests are Different.

Some firewall vendors make bold claims about their throughput speeds but fail to explain how the results were achieved. Others are open about their methodology but fail to conduct realistic tests.

Here are the steps we follow:

The AccessEnforcer UTM firewall is connected via ethernet cable to two computers.
Multiple security services are enabled on the AccessEnforcer.
The test is performed as one computer sends traffic and the second receives traffic.
The average throughput speed is calculated across three tests.
The average is rounded down to a suitable number for the final result.
AccessEnforcer Model
700 Mbps
925 Mbps
2.2 Gbps

The following security features are
are active during the tests:

The following security features are active during the tests:

Intrusion prevention (IPS)
Spam filtering
HTTP web filtering
HTTPS web filtering
Instant Message filtering

Tested with Accuracy in Mind

Since AccessEnforcer is a UTM firewall, and not a simple network router, we feel that enabling these features during throughput tests yields results that more accurately reflect the speeds our customers can expect in the field.

Remember that every network is different, and the AccessEnforcer UTM firewall is tested in a controlled environment. Actual throughput speeds will vary on your network.

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