Improved Small Business Spam Filter in Calyptix Security Update

Charlotte, NC – Calyptix Security, a leading provider of network security and management devices for small and medium business, today announced expanded spam filtering functionality to its flagship security device, AccessEnforcer.

AccessEnforcer’s new capabilities include a “see reason” link on the spam filtering dashboard. Clicking the link reveals to users why an email message was flagged as malicious or as spam.

“We expanded our functionality in response to the shifting landscape in email security. Spammers and hackers continue to change their tactics, and we continue to update our device. It’s the only way to keep our customers secure. All of our customers receive this update automatically without additional fees, costs, or disruptions,” said Benjamin Yarbrough, CEO, Calyptix Security.

The new capability helps users optimize the performance of their spam filters. For example, users who notice AccessEnforcer is marking too many legitimate emails as spam can click the “see reason” link to get more information. That information can be used to appropriately adjust spam filter settings for better performance.

Administrators are given a large number of options to configure AccessEnforcer’s spam filter. Multiple, selectable DNS blacklists are available, and filtering and bypass options can be configured by keyword and geography. Lists can be maintained for allowed recipients, allowed outbound senders, allowed inbound senders, allowed inbound domains, and blacklisting.

Administrators can also increase the intensity of AccessEnforcers email filter by adjusting the “spam score threshold.” Messages that score above the number will be marked as spam and sent to the quarantine. Messages that score below the number will be delivered to the inbox as legitimate email.

The hosted filtering in AccessEnforcer provides scanning with multiple anti-virus and anti-spam engines with sender IP addresses matched against real-time DNS blacklists. Spam and virus definitions are updated daily automatically as part of standard service.

“Targeted phishing attacks remain one of the most effective ways for hackers to penetrate a network. We provide functionality that allows a small business to tailor their email delivery settings to fit the environment. Now they can more easily block malicious emails without disrupting regular business activity,” said Yarbrough.

Business communication is still heavily reliant on email, and spam continues to affect businesses across the world. Nearly 70 percent of all email is spam, according to Kapersky Lab.

The amount of spam is on the rise, increasing 2.2 percent in Q2 2014 compared to the previous quarter. The U.S. sent 13.4 percent of all spam during that period, topping the list as the largest source of spam worldwide, according to Kapersky Lab.

This latest update to AccessEnforcer brings additional changes, such as the Calyptix Spam List. The Calyptix Security team builds and maintains the list by monitoring spam activity on all AccessEnforcer units in the field. The list is then used to better identify and block spam as it is received.

“We’re excited by the new Calyptix Spam List. We can identify spammers who are hitting one customer and automatically block them from all of our customers. It’s a way of learning from the information we have to give our customers better security,” said Yarbrough.

The update also brings improvements to AccessEnforcer’s signature virus engine, improvements to its internal spam filtering engines, and several bug fixes.


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Calyptix Security  is dedicated to helping small and medium-size businesses secure their networks so they can raise profits, protect investments, and control technology. The company’s UTM device for network security and management, AccessEnforcer, makes it easy to protect SMB networks so companies can forget about network security and focus on winning. Developed, built, and serviced in the U.S., AccessEnforcer is a flexible UTM solution that allows MSPs and VARs to provide security that fits their needs and business models.

Written by Calyptix

 - October 4, 2014

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Calyptix Security helps small and medium offices secure their networks so they can raise profits, protect investments, and control technology. Our customers do not waste time with security products designed for large enterprises. Instead, we make it easy for SMBs to protect and manage networks of up to 350 users.
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