Calyptix Security Corporation Announces New Team Members as Company Offering Expands Amidst Heightened Risks to Cybersecurity Calyptix Security Corporation Announces New Team Members as Company Offering Expands Amidst Heightened Risks to Cybersecurity

Calyptix Security Corporation Announces New Team Members as Company Offering Expands Amidst Heightened Risks to Cybersecurity

by Calyptix, July 27, 2021

CHARLOTTE – July 27, 2021 – Calyptix Security Corporation, the all-in-one network security provider for small and medium-sized businesses, today announced new team members as the company continues to grow to meet the needs of businesses increasingly targeted by routine and sophisticated cybersecurity threats. New team members will contribute to the company’s threat intelligence and analysis, community and customer support and core operations. 

According to recent industry research, 23 percent of small businesses suffered at least one cyber attack in the past year, resulting in an average financial burden of $25,000 with 60 percent of small companies unable to sustain their businesses over six months after a cyber attack. While many businesses quickly adapted to remote work, companies and their employees were left vulnerable to phishing, ransomware and web application cyber attacks. In fact, 54 percent of small businesses believe they are too small for a cyber attack despite 43 percent of all cyber attacks targeting small businesses. 

Over the last six-months, Calyptix Security realized significant demand for its custom-built network security solution, AccessEnforcer, that enables businesses to quickly and cost-effectively secure networks and guard against ransomware attacks from foreign actors.  As a trusted partner to the nation’s leading managed service providers, this all-in-one UTM firewall blocks external threats like hackers, implements secure network segmentation, controls risky user behavior, and generates comprehensive logs & reports, while keeping connections fast and reliable. New features launched in 2020, including Gatekeeper and Geo Fence, deliver trust and accountability back to small and medium sized businesses by shrinking network exposure and attack vectors while enabling secure remote access without the use of complex and vulnerable software.

To meet the demand for these custom-built solutions, Calyptix Security welcomes the following new team members:

  • Joseph Schmidt, Marketing & Sales Associate
  • N’Dia Thomas, Cyber Threat and Incident Response Analyst
  • Kurt Mosiejczuk, Systems Reliability Engineer

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About Calyptix Security

Calyptix Security Corporation delivers easy, affordable and scalable network security solutions custom built for small businesses and managed service providers (MSPs). Whether the workforce is in one location, multiple locations or virtually connected, Calyptix restores, maintains and builds confidence in business networks and connected infrastructure. The company’s flagship product, AccessEnforcer® UTM Firewall, is available in multiple hardware models to match various network sizes and includes next-generation security and networking functions through Geo Fence and Gatekeeper applications. Calyptix Security delivers intuitive solutions, compliance certainty, automated protections, and an automated threat-sharing community for small businesses to combat today’s persistent threat actors.  To learn why today’s leading small business leaders and MSPs trust Calyptix Security for their cybersecurity needs, visit


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