MSP Breakthrough Program

The only network security with monthly service that gives you every feature, unlimited users, and no commitment.
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As an MSP, you need a firewall that matches your business model. You want month-to-month service without big upfront costs. And you don’t want to be chained down by commitments or minimums.

The Calyptix Breakthrough Program gives you a UTM firewall from Calyptix with unlimited service.

You pay a single monthly fee for everything:

Every security feature
Unlimited user connections
Lifetime hardware warranty
No monthly or annual minimum
Cancel any time without penalty

UTM firewall with unlimited features

Security in the Breakthrough Program is powered by AccessEnforcer, our UTM firewall for small and medium networks.

Standard service includes:

Intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS)
Quality of service (QoS)
Unlimited IPsec and SSL VPN
Web filtering
Email filtering
Outbound traffic filtering
One-click demilitarized zones (DMZs)
Spoofing, SYN flood, and DDOS attack protection
Automatic updates for security and firmware
US-based tech support
Hardware health checks every 10 minutes
Automatic configuration backups daily
Daily, weekly, and monthly automated reports
Best practice analyzer and diagnostic tools
Multi-WAN with load balancing and failover
System status, live connections, alert dashboards
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How The Program Works

In the Breakthrough Program, partners can buy a single AccessEnforcer or a 10-unit Breakthrough Pack with more benefits.

Single Breakthrough Unit

Simply pick the best model of AccessEnforcer to fit your network. You will be asked to pay a small launch fee. A low monthly fee covers service, warranty, and support. Cancel any time without penalty.

10-unit Breakthrough Pack

You can also reserve 10 AccessEnforcer units in a Breakthrough Pack. This lowers your per-unit launch fee. You get the same service and the same low monthly fee for each unit you activate.

*More Benefits* The Breakthrough Pack also gives you:

  • Free AccessEnforcer unit for your network (NFR)
  • SPS – a remote network management console for AccessEnforcer
  • Private training with a Calyptix engineer
  • Custom step-by-step installation guide
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Our Most Popular Program Ever

“We’re able to hold onto more clients with Calyptix because we don’t have to sell them an annual service contract. We pay month-to-month and the AccessEnforcer is always on, always warranty, and always up to date.”

– David Caratinni, President, Arizona Tech Works

“I offer a maintenance/security package bundled with AccessEnforcer and it’s my bread and butter. My customers pay monthly and I don’t have to sell them a new license every year. You can’t go wrong with it.”

– Mark Elgas, Owner, Mark Elgas Computer Services

“Calyptix has been a great partner to work with. I’d venture to say they’re the best partner we have – and not just in the security space. They are our best partner, period.”

– Ken Shafer, CEO, Agape Computing

“Switching to Calyptix solved the cash flow problem we had with another vendor. Instead of laying out a bunch of money, now we pay monthly and quickly earn a profit, and that’s the way it should be.”

– Vince Tinnirello, CEO, Anchor Network Solutions

“If I get into a situation that I can’t troubleshoot myself, Calyptix is always there and willing to take the time. They’ve gone out of their way to make me look good to my clients.”

– Jack Herbig, Owner Coastal Computer Consultants

“Call tech support at another firewall vendor and it’s a three-hour process. I like Calyptix because I can get someone on the phone in five minutes. My techs can call from the field… To me, that’s invaluable.”

– Kyle Strom, On Demand Network Solutions

“Competitors may have similar products or pricing, but the support isn’t there. It’s outsourced overseas or it’s just plain awful. Calyptix has the best support I’ve seen in the industry.”

– Don Howard, President, My IT Company

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About Us

Calyptix Security helps small and medium offices secure their networks so they can raise profits, protect investments, and control technology. Our customers do not waste time with security products designed for large enterprises. Instead, we make it easy for SMBs to protect and manage networks of up to 350 users.
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