Partners of the Year for Calyptix’s Cybersecurity Solution 


There may be an “I” in Calyptix, but like any good company we know the value of teamwork. Our AccessEnforcer® cybersecurity solution secures small business networks so customers can raise profits, protect investments, and control technology. Yet our flagship product’s success relies on our partnerships too. That’s why we annually recognize our Partners of the Year.

For the great work they did in 2020, our overall Partner of the Year is C&W Technologies. The Florida-based firm has been offering “IT done right” since 1985. We’re glad to play a key role in realizing that promise.

Our New Partner of the Year, Bridged Technology, is a woman- and veteran-owned business serving Washington D.C. , Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. 

Partner of Year Priorities

Selecting our partners of the year is a company-wide endeavor at Calyptix Security, said CEO Ben Yarborough. “Our selection process includes consideration by all different departments of the company with feedback from sales, support, training and fulfillment.”

The Partner of the Year designation means a company not only demonstrates a strong sales record, he said, but also “a strong commitment to customer service, integrity, perpetual learning and security.”

This award acknowledges partner contributions to our success and also helps our partner community to build their own client base, added Chris Pelone, Calyptix’s

Business Development Director and Sales Manager. “It says to their customers they are recognized as being a top partner for the past year, which helps elevate their value to their clients as they are held in the highest regard by their partner in security.”

Cybersecurity Solution Kudos from Partners

After more than a decade partnered with Calyptix Security, Eric Kiehn CEO and President of C&W Technologies remains enthusiastic about the shared relationship.

“It’s more than a partnership in name only,” Kiehn said. “Many vendors call us partners, but we are just another customer. Calyptix works on the relationship to make it a true partnership. Product development is certainly geared to security but with us Partners in mind.”

First introduced to Calyptix at a Microsoft event, C&W Technologies was drawn to Calyptix’s cybersecurity solution offering the “added benefit of it being more than just a Firewall.” AccessEnforcer is a true UTM.

Over the years, Kiehn has grown to appreciate “the fact that Calyptix has automated so many core management pieces, such as threat updates and version updates. That means that our engineers get to work on the operational side of the equation not the maintenance side thus providing our clients a more robust security environment.”

With the latest AccessEnforcer release, Geo Fence was an immediate hit. “When we can show clients how bad actors are being blocked right up front, they understand the value that a UTM can provide. Couple that with the Gatekeeper feature that will allow for a more secure method of running RDP, which will extend the life of an extremely valuable method of remote access, and you have two new pieces that are true winners.”

Likewise, at Bridged Technology, President Elizabeth Powell has seen Geo Fence drawing customer attention. But what she’s found most useful is Calyptix’s support. “We come up with very different ways to approach a broad-spectrum of clientele,” Powell said. “Warren and Duane are phenomenal when coming up with precise unique solutions other companies cannot or don't want to put forth the effort to do.”

Bridged Technology first chose Calyptix over the big name because they wanted to do business with a small company like themselves. Plus, “Calyptix doesn't have a large target on their back like the big brands. The big boys are always getting their platform hit or large breaches due to flaws in their software.”

The Maryland-based firm also appreciates Calyptix because of the communication and how it easy it is to work together. 

Premiere Partnerships in 2020

Of course, we have other great partnerships to be proud of in 2020. Our premiere partners for 2020 are:

Anchor Network Solutions


Brainstorm Computers

Brew City PC

Bridged Technology

BrownCOW Technology LTD

C&W Technologies

CCB Tech Group 

CIM Software

CRSA Technologies

Canon Capital Management Group, LLC

Compucarolina LLC 

Computer Backup, Inc.

Computer Business Solutions Inc

Computer Management Solutions

Computer Professionals On-Site

Computer Technical Specialists

Cutting Edge Computers

DataStream Networks

Eagle’s Wings Technologies, LLC

Harbor Computer Services

Hardin Computer Technologies

JH3 Technology Solutions

Jones Itech

K2 Technologies

Livewire Information Systems

Mpowered IT

Matrix Computer Technologies

nFocus Technologies


ProNet Information Systems

Reliable Business Solutions

Reliance Technology Solutions Inc

Rocky Knoll Technologies

Techno Advantage

Technology Assurance Group Inc

Total Care Computer Consulting

Vox Match Corporation

Both C&W Technologies and Bridged Technology say they’d recommend Calyptix. According to Kiehn, it’s a pleasure working with “a team that is thinking about us their partner and doing what they can to help us succeed.” Well, we know we couldn’t do it without all of you. Congratulations once more to all of our 2020 Partners of the Year.

Written by Calyptix

 - February 25, 2021

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