Powerful Network Security for Simple HIPAA Compliance

Almost every healthcare organization in the U.S. has to comply with HIPAA. Even most IT service providers in healthcare have to comply.

Organizations covered by HIPAA have to meet its guidelines to protect patient health information. Failing to do this can bring hefty fines.

  • Adult & Pediatric Dermatology of Massachusetts was ordered by federal authorities to pay $150,000 in penalties.
  • WellPoint, a health benefits provider, agreed to pay $1.7 million to settle a HIPAA case.

AccessEnforcer is the all-in-one device for network security that helps you achieve HIPAA compliance. Our solution locks down your network and controls access to health data so you can forget security and focus on customers.

HIPAA requirements that AccessEnforcer helps check off your list:

✓ Risk and vulnerability management
✓ Information access management
✓ Isolation of health care clearinghouse functions
✓ Authorization and control of access to patient health information
✓ Protection from malicious software
✓ Password management
✓ Automatic logoff for inactivity
✓ Encryption and decryption for data transmission

HIPAA Resources


HIPAA for IT Providers

HIPAA compliance is a hurdle that every IT service provider must clear before serving clients in healthcare. But with so many rules, how can MSPs and VARs know the right ones to follow? This report outlines the most important parts of HIPAA for IT.HIPAA-regulations-for-it-compliance-cover

HIPAA Regulations for IT Compliance

We did the hard work for you and cut the massive set of HIPAA regulations down to the ones that matter for IT. The text is straight from the Code of Federal Regulations.Jones Itech Case Study

HIPAA for IT Providers

This health IT provider found a better way to protect clients’ networks, save time, and keep clients out trouble from HIPAA.how-accessenforcer-fits-hipaa-cover

HIPAA and AccessEnforcer

See how AccessEnforcer fits with HIPAA. We list the exact requirements and how AccessEnforcer helps meet them.To learn more about HIPAA compliance with AccessEnforcer, you can see how its features help meet specific requirements in our free guide.

AccessEnforcer protects organizations so they can forget about network security and focus on customers, but it does not achieve compliance on its own. Contact us today to see how our services help you achieve and maintain compliance.

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