Network Security for Schools and Nonprofits

Schools and nonprofit organizations face unique challenges in network security. As technology continues to enter the organization, the demand to protect students and staff continues to escalate, even as budgets tighten.

AccessEnforcer from Calyptix is a powerful and affordable way for schools, churches, and nonprofit organizations to secure their networks from threats such as hackers, spam, and malware. Easily filter website content and stop network intrusions automatically before they happen.


the network

AccessEnforcer’s advanced firewall and network intrusion prevention system lock-down your network, so you can rest easy knowing that your student and donor data are secure.

Protect students
and staff

AccessEnforcer lets you automatically block dangerous and offensive websites, and administrators can receive automated reports to easily monitor threats and browsing behavior.

Keep it
simple and affordable

Calyptix offers several models of AccessEnforcer that vary in price and size, so you can get powerful security that fits your network and your budget.

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