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POS Malware: How to block attacks and boost security

by Calyptix, September 17, 2014

POS Malware

POS malware is breaking through defenses at retailers across the nation -- but why are POS systems so vulnerable? And how can you stop this threat?

See 5 reasons why POS malware is winning the battle and 18 ways you can boost POS security to block it.

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Mobile VPN Now Supported in AccessEnforcer from Calyptix

by Calyptix, August 18, 2014

Charlotte, NC –  Calyptix Security Corp., a leading provider of network security and management tools, today announced that its flagship security solution, AccessEnforcer, now supports mobile VPN connections. The latest update enables Apple and Android mobile devices to have a secure and encrypted VPN connection to an office network protected … Continue reading

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Wireless Router Security: 15 new flaws discovered

by Calyptix, August 18, 2014

router vulnerabilities

Basic wireless router security is terrible and it may be getting worse. We review the results of a hacker contest that found 15 zero-day vulnerabilities in popular SOHO routers.

See which router models are affected, and find out why most of these vulnerabilities have risen from the grave.

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POS Malware: Review of the retail attacker

by Calyptix, August 17, 2014

POS Malware

POS malware is attacking thousands of retailers across the U.S. Here we provide a quick overview of this massive threat.

See the three major types of POS malware, the most popular variants today, and what a typical POS attack looks like.

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Healthcare IT Security: Compliance nightmare on horizon

by Calyptix, August 14, 2014

Healthcare ITHealthcare IT departments are required to protect patient data under HIPAA -- but a new SANS report shows many health organizations are compromised.

Find out more about what the report calls a "compliance nightmare on the horizon" for healthcare IT security.

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Wireless Router Security is Dangerous: 6 Reasons

by Calyptix, August 6, 2014

Router Security

Are basic wireless routers a cheap solution or a massive liability? Find out the six reasons why you never want to depend on a wireless router to protect your network.

Inside, you’ll see how some of the most popular routers being sold today can have massive security flaws, and how wireless router security flaws are caused.

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How to Secure a Wireless Router

by Calyptix, July 31, 2014

Router Security 2

Small office and home office routers (SOHO) can have so many security flaws that a hacker contest has been started to highlight the issue. The contest awards prizes to hackers who can discover new vulnerabilities in 10 popular routers.

What a great time to cover router security! In this post, you get 12 ways to improve the security of your wireless router, and you'll see why it might be best to leave the "routing" of network traffic to another device.

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Ransomware: Hello Critroni and Goodbye Cryptolocker

by Calyptix, July 24, 2014


Is Cryptolocker really dead? Some researchers have doubts -- even as new types of ransomware continue to attack computers across the globe.

In this post, you'll get an update on Cryptolocker and say "hi" to a new, potentially stronger brand of ransomware: Critroni.

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