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Healthcare IT Security: Compliance nightmare on horizon

by Calyptix, August 14, 2014

Healthcare ITHealthcare IT departments are required to protect patient data under HIPAA -- but a new SANS report shows many health organizations are compromised.

Find out more about what the report calls a "compliance nightmare on the horizon" for healthcare IT security.

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Wireless Router Security is Dangerous: 6 Reasons

by Calyptix, August 6, 2014

Router Security

Are basic wireless routers a cheap solution or a massive liability? Find out the six reasons why you never want to depend on a wireless router to protect your network.

Inside, you’ll see how some of the most popular routers being sold today can have massive security flaws, and how wireless router security flaws are caused.

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How to Secure a Wireless Router

by Calyptix, July 31, 2014

Router Security 2

Small office and home office routers (SOHO) can have so many security flaws that a hacker contest has been started to highlight the issue. The contest awards prizes to hackers who can discover new vulnerabilities in 10 popular routers.

What a great time to cover router security! In this post, you get 12 ways to improve the security of your wireless router, and you'll see why it might be best to leave the "routing" of network traffic to another device.

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Ransomware: Hello Critroni and Goodbye Cryptolocker

by Calyptix, July 24, 2014


Is Cryptolocker really dead? Some researchers have doubts -- even as new types of ransomware continue to attack computers across the globe.

In this post, you'll get an update on Cryptolocker and say "hi" to a new, potentially stronger brand of ransomware: Critroni.

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Top 10 Malicious Site Hosts, Countries, and File Types

by Calyptix, July 17, 2014


The war against malware and malicious websites never ends. But with a little intel and some firepower, your team can keep your office and your clients safe.

See the top 10 ISPs that host the most malware. Also find out which countries are rising in the malware market and which file types to watch out for.

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PCI DSS: Easier and cheaper compliance with SAQs

by Calyptix, July 14, 2014

Swiping Credit Card

Pretend PCI DSS compliance is a highbar. How you handle cardholder data will determine whether you have to throw a small, light portion of your network over the bar or the whole hulking mass of it.

IT service providers can make compliance easier -- but how?

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IT Providers Get Help with PCI DSS Compliance

by Calyptix, June 25, 2014

Charlotte, NC – Calyptix Security Corp., a leading provider of network security and management solutions for small and medium-size businesses, today announced a new report to help IT service providers understand the regulations that surround credit card and debit card security. The report, titled PCI DSS for IT Providers: 4 … Continue reading

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Top 10 Security Vulnerabilities of 2013

by Calyptix, June 3, 2014


The top cause of security vulnerabilities are outdated and unpatched systems. See the data to prove it, and know which types of systems are more commonly out of date.

Inside you'll see the top 10 external security vulnerabilities, the top 10 internal vulnerabilities, and the most common causes, all found in the 2014 Global Threat Intelligence Report.

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