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Post written by : Calyptix
Post written by : Calyptix

Top 10 Security Vulnerabilities of 2013


The top cause of security vulnerabilities are outdated and unpatched systems. See the data to prove it, and know which types of systems are more commonly out of date.

Inside you'll see the top 10 external security vulnerabilities, the top 10 internal vulnerabilities, and the most common causes, all found in the 2014 Global Threat Intelligence Report.

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HIPAA Hazards: Avoid the business associate trap

HIPAA Hazards

IT providers, do you have clients in healthcare? Do you handle their patient data? If yes, then you are almost certainly required to protect that data by HIPAA.

HIPAA calls this data “electronic protected health information,” or ePHI. Essentially, it is electronic information about a patient. It can be anything from a patient’s phone number to a recent diagnosis.

HIPAA requires healthcare organizations to protect this data. It also requires their “business associates” to protect it – and that includes their IT service providers.

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