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InfoSec Fundamentals: The CIA Triad

by Calyptix, February 1, 2017

CIA Triad

Information security is built upon the CIA Triad: a model that emphasizes Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability as the essential components to protecting information.

Are you doing all you can to protect your client’s information? Read on to find out.

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Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Plagued by Security Flaws

by Calyptix, January 31, 2017

Internet of Medical Things

The Internet of Medical Things is rife with convenient innovations. Medical information from “smart” pacemakers and insulin pumps can be downloaded to the internet, decreasing the number of office visits for doctors and patients.

But many of these devices lack security measures. You’ll see how the Internet of Medical Things provides another security threat to the cyber-challenged healthcare industry.

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Healthcare Data Breaches Expected to Dominate 2017

by Calyptix, January 16, 2017


Cyberattacks have pummeled the healthcare industry for years. Some of the biggest data breaches in history have struck there. And nothing is likely change soon.

See why healthcare is expected to top the list of cyber-targets for hackers and data thieves in 2017. You’ll also see why small data breaches are becoming a huge problem.

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DNC Hacks: How Spear Phishing Emails Were Used

by Calyptix, December 30, 2016

Network Security Threats 1

Cyberattacks big and small often start with the same thing: phishing emails. That’s how the breach started at the DNC, and that’s how one is likely to start at your small business.

See how spear phishing emails breached a major U.S. political party, and see how the party’s mistakes can help improve network security at your company. You’ll also see the FBI’s latest report describing the hacks.

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Top Network Security Threats for Retailers this Holiday Season

by Calyptix, December 19, 2016

Network Security Threats 1

The weeks around Christmas are always demanding for retailers. When caught up in the madness of the season, they may get lax on network security.

Doing so however can land a business in the midst of a breach scandal, resulting in fines and bad reputations. See what could be threatening your retail clients and how you can help.

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3 Dangerous Misconceptions about EMV Chip Cards and Readers

by Calyptix, December 12, 2016

Strong Password Security 1

As more merchants begin to accept EMV chip cards, some may be feeling a false sense of security. Are the chip cards enough to protect them from PCI DSS fines?

No, they’re not. While they’re more secure than magnetic stripe cards, EMV cards are not a silver bullet to your client’s data security needs. See why in this post.

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Password Security: How to thwart hackers with a strong password

by Calyptix, November 28, 2016

Strong Password Security 1

Passwords are often the only barrier between your data and malicious actors. But many users continue to use weak passwords like “123456”, putting their data and companies at risk.

See how attackers will try to steal your password, and see how to stop them, in this post on strong password security.

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New Types of Malware May Be Hiding in Your Network

by Calyptix, November 21, 2016

Types of Malware 1

Malware is no strange foe to network security. But a few new tactics are raising eyebrows, such as “blastware” that destroys the systems that flag it as a threat.

See examples of new types of malware threats and what you can do about them. You’ll get a list of tips to help keep your clients safe.

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