Wire Fraud: How an email password can cost you $100,000

by Calyptix, July 29, 2015


Wire fraud is the modern-day bank heist. Instead of masks and guns, thieves use stolen email credentials and clever deception to snatch thousands of dollars. How do these heists begin? With stolen data.

Get a quick overview of wire fraud tactics so you can protect your business and your clients. See how thieves steal the data, fool the banks, and make off with the money.

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HIPAA Breach Notifications: Anti-marketing in healthcare

by Calyptix, July 22, 2015


A data breach can bring a long list of expenses, and among them is often “damage to reputation.” But do your healthcare clients believe this? Will their reputations be harmed after a breach?

Yes -- HIPAA almost guarantees it.

See how HIPAA forces organizations to spend time and money marketing against themselves after a breach. Show your clients to convince them the threat to their business is real.

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Internet Crime and Scams from FBI Annual Report

by Calyptix, July 9, 2015


Romance scams, business email fraud, and scams targeting the elderly, were all popular last year, according to the annual report of the FBI Internet Crime Compliant Center.

In this post, we highlight four trends shown in the FBI’s data. You’ll see that social media scams increased 400%, and who is most at risk for romance scams and business email compromises.

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5 New PCI DSS Rules as ‘Best Practices’ Change

by Calyptix, June 23, 2015


Everything was great. You were in compliance with PCI DSS. You were the belle of the ball. Everyone was in awe of your team. Then it was midnight -- and your compliance vanished.

Or did it? When the clock strikes 12:00 on June 30, PCI will have five new rules as its ‘best practice guidelines’ become requirements. Will you still be in compliance?

In this post, you’ll see the five new rules so you can have them covered.

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Top 7 Network Attack Types in 2015 So Far

by Calyptix, June 17, 2015


Chances are you can name four or five types of network attacks – but which are the most common? And which are you most likely to see on one of your networks?

In this post, we show the top 7 types of network attacks worldwide during the first quarter of 2015. You’ll see the list and description for each type.

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